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Squires Lane Federation


The Squires Lane Federation curriculum is carefully constructed to fulfil our vision that "all pupils will leave Manorside and Tudor with the knowledge and skills, character traits, and love of learning they need to flourish in the next step of their journey and throughout their lives."

The curriculum is built on the following principles:

  • Our children at the heart of everything we do, learning from a curriculum that reflects their interests and cultural & social contexts
  • Discrete subjects across the curriculum in Key Stage 1 and 2, enabling children to develop mastery in each area
  • Cross-curricular links, with an overarching theme each term or half term, to help children contextualise learning and form connections that make learning more memorable 
  • Learning that builds both knowledge and skills progressively towards ambitious end points
  • A love of learning developed through a range of aspirational experiences inside and outside the classroom
  • Learning underpinned by a language rich environment, high quality texts, and a love of reading
  • Empowering children to be the best versions of themselves through the Manorside Way and Tudor Way, and Zones of Regulation
  • Teaching children, across the curriculum, to be safe and healthy
  • Specialist teaching in PE and Music/Drama to empower children to 'take pride' in their performances on the sports field and stage

Click here for our curriculum policy

Wider Curriculum experiences

Every child starting in Reception will have access to the following experiences by the time they complete year 6: 

  • Visit a professional theatre performance at least once a year
  • Travel to Central London by Tube
  • Visit some of London's best museums and art galleries
  • Perform music and dance in a theatre to a public audience - at least twice
  • Visit the seaside
  • Stay in a tent or cabin overnight at a residential trip
  • Learn to swim
  • Visit a range of places of worship
  • Act, sing, and/or dance in a high quality school performance every year
  • Learn to play musical instruments
  • Access a range of extra-curricular clubs
  • Vote for School Councillors and have their voices heard

We take pride in being an inclusive federation, and make every effort to ensure that there are not financial barriers to accessing opportunities.

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