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Squires Lane Federation

Online Safety

In this area, you will find some useful links to online safety services.

Our children are children of the digital age, and they have grown up with technology as an integral part of life.  There is no point banning your children from using technology, it is the world we live in and the world they were born to.  Instead, embrace it and get them to teach you, have healthy discussions about sensible use and the possible consequences of misuse.

The information in this area will help you to gain an understanding of how children use/potentially may use online services, and gives you tips on keeping them safe.  It is important to remember to have regular conversations with your child – not to spy on them or confront them, but to build trust and show an interest in what they do with their spare time.

We support our pupils to be safe online through lessons, assemblies, and workshops. We also share information with parents through newsletters and meetings.

Age limits for social media

The diagram below shows the minimum age for some popular apps and services. To create an account for these you will often be emtering a legal agreement saying you are at least this age.

Online Safety web links
How to set parental controls on any new electronics
Age appropriate information for children and adults
Child Exploitation and Online Protection  – We pursue those who sexually exploit and abuse children, prevent people becoming involved in child sexual exploitation, protect children from becoming victims of sexual exploitation and sexual abuse, and prepare interventions to reduce the impact of child sexual exploitation and abuse through safeguarding and child protection work.

To request a specific inappropriate picture to be removed from social media.
Internet Watch Foundation – If you stumble across criminal sexual or obscene content on the internet you should report it to the Internet Watch Foundation.
A practical guide for parents and carers whose children are using social media
Advice for parents and carers to help support children and young people in their safe and responsible use of the internet.

NSPCC Online Safety

Internet matters

Parent zone advice

Parent zone social media guide

Parent workshop information

We had a very useful workshop for year 5-6 parents, delivered by Barnet's Prevent Education Lead. 100% of parents who attended said that the session was helpful for keeping their children safe.

Below is his presentation and a list of useful links he shared.

Parent presentation

Useful links for parents

School Map