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Squires Lane Federation


Manorside and Tudor Primary Schools have a long history in the heart of Finchley, with Manorside having been established in 1906 and Tudor in 1952.

As small schools only 200m apart, the schools collaborated formally and informally for many years before being federated in 2016.

What is a federation?

Formally the two are separate schools, with their own admissions, DfE registration, and Ofsted inspections. However, we share one Governing Body and one Executive Headteacher.

Why are the schools federated?

Being in a federation gives each school the best of both worlds, with the benefits of both a one-form entry school alongside those of bigger schools. Each school has the close-knit community of a small school, where all children and adults get to know each other well and staff can invest in every single child. Meanwhile, being in a federation gives staff capacity to work together at all levels including strategic leadership, teachers planning together, and shared training.

We share a number of staff, allowing us to have specialists in subjects such as Spanish, PE, and music, and children also benefit from sharing facilities such as the field at Tudor for sports and large hall at Manorside for performances. Having double the number of children in the federation also enables us to provide a wider range of extra-curricular activities than many one-form entry schools.

We see ourselves as two parts of the same community, with our children coming from very similar catchment areas. Most importantly, we are united by our vision and values. At both schools we aim that “all pupils will leave with the knowledge and skills, character traits, and love of learning they need to flourish in the next step of their journey and throughout their lives. We equip them to be both happy and successful, and to make a positive contribution to the world around them.” The Manorside Way and Tudor Way are identical as we want the same for all our children: Be Kind, Be Brave, Take Pride, Work Hard.

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